Pre Need – O’Connor Bros Funeral Homes

It makes sense!  We plan ahead for every other major event in our lives – marriage, education for ourselves and our family,  our career, and especially our retirement. The most thoughtful, practical thing you can do for your family is to furnish them with details and information in regards to your Funeral.

Today more and more people are becoming aware of Pre-planning and Pre-arranging ones Funeral , and the benefit of it for their loved ones. It is something you can do for your family’s peace of mind and to ease the financial burden for them. As professional Funeral Directors we set aside one hundred percent of your money in a Trust in your name. If you should ever move, the monies are always there for you.

For more information of assistance, you can contact us (under no obligation) to discuss your questions and choices. Simply complete the form below of call us on (021) 430 4444.